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Top Questions.
My orders has been shipped but I still can't track it. How can I find out where it is?
What is your Returns Policy?
What is your minimum order?
How long does it take to process an order?
I’ve noticed that there are different prices shown for each item. Why is this? How do I get the cheapest prices?
All Questions
I can’t see the prices! What’s going on?
How do I register and make an account?
How can I check the status of my order?
It seems as though I lost my password to log in. How would I go about receiving a new password?
I’ve finished placing my order and already checked out, but realized I forgot to add an item; would I be able to add an item without making another order?
There are so many different products! What is the best way to navigate through your site?
What happens if a product I order is out of stock?
I am an international customer and my order needs to be shipped outside the United States. Will I be charged additional duties or taxes?
I would like to pay by bank wire transfer. Will this be possible?
If I start on an order online and do not finish will my cart be saved automatically?
How can I register for your web emails and your E-Zine?
Does your 14 karat gold body jewelry have the 14 karat stamp?
Is all of your jewelry nickel free?
What kind of metal are the body jewelry made of?
Does your jewelry come autoclaved or sterilized?
I see you guys have a number of package deals, but I do not want everything in the package. Can I replace certain items and mix them with other products?
Do you sell loose parts of the products separately, rather than the entire piece?
Does Hollywood Body Jewelry send any samples?
What are your office hours?
I want to use the product images on your site, but they all have a watermark. How can I receive clear images?

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