Shiny Finish Traditional Wedding Band Tungsten Gold IP

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Tungsten Carbide
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4mm,6mm and 8mm Width available. With gold and silver prices growing by the minute, many consumers are looking for more affordable, practical alternatives when purchasing wedding bands. This ring is a perfect example of all the benefits of tungsten: a classic, elegant style further enhanced by the strength and durability of tungsten.


CodeWidthRing SizePriceQtyItem total
R-TU-145-4-0450.16" (4mm)4&1/2Login to see the price
R-TU-145-4-0550.16" (4mm)5&1/2Login to see the price
R-TU-145-6-050.24" (6mm)05Login to see the price
R-TU-145-6-060.24" (6mm)06Login to see the price
R-TU-145-6-130.24" (6mm)13Login to see the price