Belly Button Rings And Navel Jewelry

Candy Striped Silicone Spikey Koosh Ball Navel Rings

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316L Stainless Steel
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14ga 7/16" Navel Rings with Candy Striped Silicone Spikey Koosh Ball and Matching Color Candy Stripe UV ball.


CodeThicknessLengthBall SizeColor & LogoPriceQtyItem total
NC44-1411A14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmPurpleLogin to see the price
NC44-1411B14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmBlueLogin to see the price
NC44-1411G14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmGreenLogin to see the price
NC44-1411K14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmBlackLogin to see the price
NC44-1411O14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmOrangeLogin to see the price
NC44-1411R14GA (1.6mm)3/8" (10mm)5 & 8mmRedLogin to see the price