14 Gauge Threaded 10pcs Dome Logo Ball Package.

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316L Stainless Steel
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14Gauge Threaded 10pcs Dome Logo Ball Package.
6.5mm Dome Logo Balls Packed 10pc/ea per Style.
As Shown in Picture, You can Make Them into Any Styles of Body Jewelry As You Wish.

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CodeColor & LogoPriceQtyItem total
TB73PK-BIT(BIT) BitchLogin to see the price
TB73PK-CRF(CRF) Cream FilledLogin to see the price
TB73PK-DUK(DUK) DYKELogin to see the price
TB73PK-FRS(FRS) Free SexLogin to see the price
TB73PK-GRU(GRU) Girls RuleLogin to see the price
TB73PK-PRI(PRI) PrincessLogin to see the price