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Spider Inlay Poly Resin Saddle Fit Plug

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Gasteracantha sp Spider Inlay Poly Resin Saddle Plug.

5 Available Sizes.
16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm.

Always keep in dry and well-ventilated area.
Organic material is heat and moisture sensitive and can warp, swell, or crack, if not cared for properly.
Please be advised that there may be some variance in color and tone, due to the product being made from raw, natural materials.

The encased spider is Gasteracantha Sp


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P1282SP-180.71" (18mm)Login to see the price
P1282SP-200.79" (20mm)Login to see the price
P1282SP-220.87" (22mm)Login to see the price
P1282SP-240.94" (24mm)Login to see the price