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Add To Cart Via CSV File Upload

Using ‘Add To Cart Via CSV File Upload’ is one of the much faster way to add your items to cart. If you have a list of item cords, you can add to cart the items at once (without visiting each item page).

Steps to add items to cart via CSV file upload:

1. Go to 'My Account'.

1-1. Sign in and go to the ‘My Account’ page.

1-2. In the ‘My Account’ Page, you can find ‘Add to Cart Via CSV File Upload’ below 'Recent Orders'.

2. Prepare your CSV file.

2-1. You can download CSV sample file.

2-2. Open the CSV file, and add item codes and quantity.

TIP: Open with Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, and save as .CSV file.

2-3. Upload your CSV file.

2-4. The section will show the item list with status.

A. Check the status.
Only the status of ‘Add to Cart’ shows green cart icon ( ) which is the sign to be available to add to Cart.
If the status is 'Discontinued (Yellow Background)', 'Not Found (Gray Background)', 'Out of Stock', or 'Temporarily N/A', The Item is not available now.

B. The Quantity in your list should be positive number.
If it is incorrect, the warning sign is shown, and the value turns into '0'.
You can edit quantity of each items if the items are available to add to cart.

C. Due to misusing hyphen(-), it is with strikethrough, and the correct code is shown in the 'Actual Code' column.

D. If some items are overlapped within the list, it shows dotted lines.

E. If you want to remove some items, click the 'Remove' of the items.
Click Once for removing 1 item. If you click more than once, multiple items will be removed.

F. If the 'Actual Code' is exist, the image of item can be shown when you hover over the code.

3. Add to Cart.

3-1. Click 'Add To Cart' Button.

Only items that shows green cart icon ( ) at the end of each line will be added to cart.

3-2. You can check the items in the 'Shopping Cart' page to ensure that the order has been updated.

Useful Hint

You can use 'Export Result' to download a CSV file that item's status is included.

TIP: Use this option before you click 'Add To Cart' button. Once you add to cart the items, 'Export Result' can not be used.

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