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Out of Stock Notification

Our goal at Hollywood Body Jewelry is to provide every customer with a complete and thorough order, but there will be instances when something you ordered is out of stock.

How to Enable the Out of Stock Notification

If you would like to be notified regarding any items that are unavailable from your order, please check the Out of Stock Notification button during the checkout process. You will see the notification option on the "Choose Payment & Place Order" page prior to completing your order.

If checked, one of our customer service reps will contact you regarding any out of stock items and give you the opportunity to swap them out with something else. If not, you can choose to have the order shipped as is and the cost of the out of stock products will be deducted from your order total. You will never be charged for anything that is not included with the shipment.

Please note that processing times for orders with an Out of Stock Notification may be delayed by up to one business day while we attempt to contact you. If you cannot be reached, the order will be shipped as is the following business day.

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