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Product Image Download

Due to an exponential increase in Hollywood Body Jewelry's image theft, we are taking proper precautions to protect our intellectual property for the prevention of copyright infringement. As a result, full images (without watermarks) are only accessible to buyers only.



to your account


Hover over on top right corner


Click on Order History


Click on the order number you want to download images from


To Download:

Option 1. Main thumbnail image

1a. Hover over main thumbnail image to see a blue download icon. The download icon should turn red when you
hover over it.

1b. Once red, click to download.

Option 2. Images of specific colors

2a. Hover over the small, blue download icon located next to the item code. Image should pop-up

2b. Hover over image and a grey download icon will appear. The download icon should turn green when you
hover over it.

2c. Once green, click to download.

Option 3. All images of item

Includes individual shot, dimensions, color variations, jewelry shot, and group shots when available

3a. Check 'Select All' or the checkbox next to the products whose images you want to download.

3b. Click "Download selected images in one ZIP file" at the top. Images of all color variations should be

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