Hollywood Body & Piercing Jewelry At Wholesale Prices

  • HBJ Extravaganza

    The HBJ Extravaganza is our company's version of a special sale promotion. Once every two weeks, select products will be available at a fraction of their normal price, usually more than half off the original cost. Once the promotion is over and the item is no longer on the Extravaganza list, the prices will revert to their original price. Taking advantage of the Extravaganza sales is a great way to maximize your profit, so make sure you don't miss out on the limited time availability. If an Extravaganza item is added to your cart and you don't complete your order during the sales period, the items will revert back to their original cost. Please remember to check out during the sales period in order to receive the lower pricing.

  • Cheaper by the Dozen

    The Cheaper by the Dozen section contains a number of different navel ring packages, each containing a total of 12 pieces. For our customer’s convenience, we have selected some of our most popular navel ring styles and pre-assembled them into 12 packs of various colors. The package deals also enable you to receive a lower price on each piece of jewelry, so if some of these designs catch your eye, make sure to take advantage of these package deals!

  • Display with Jewelry

    This line of products conveniently provides a 2-in-1 approach to our merchandise. The displays will come stocked with some of our most popular jewelry, ready to sell. All you need to do is order it and set it up.

  • PERKS Bonus Packs

    PERKS Bonus Packs are Hollywood Body Jewelry’s exclusive multi-packs. Assembled in clamshells directly from our warehouse, PERKS offers various different types of body jewelry with multiple styles or interchangeable parts in each pack. It also gives you the convenience of being able to sell multi-packs without having to make them yourself. With a number of options available in each pack, it’s like buying 5 different items at once! Your customers will love them.

  • Dermal Anchors

    Microdermal piercings have been steadily growing in popularity since their introduction a few years ago. Piercers and their clients have come to love and appreciate the versatility of this product, being able to place them virtually anywhere. They are beautiful on their own, but they can be used as the centerpiece of other projects, like tattoos or other types of body modification. Our dermal anchors are made of solid titanium and are available in 1-hole, 2-hole, or 3-hole versions, not to mention the great variety of dermal tops that we are constantly adding to. With gems, shapes, and even dangles interchangeable with other types of body jewelry, microdermals are proving to be an example of the innovative spirit of body jewelry.

  • Barbell & Tongue Rings

    Barbells are some of the most versatile pieces of body jewelry there are. It is composed of a straight bar, with a bead on each end. One of the beads is usually fixed onto the shaft, so that only one bead is used to install or remove the jewelry. They are named “barbells” because they resemble the barbells that are used in weightlifting and are commonly called “tongue rings”, but they can be used with a lot of different piercings too, like nipple rings and industrial piercings.

    We carry internally and externally threaded Barbell & Tongue items in 316L Surgical Steel, Titanium, Titanium Anodized, Flexible Teflon/UV, Gold Plated, Gold, White Gold, PTFE, Flesh-tone, Bio-Flex, and UV/Acrylic. They come available in many different styles and colors, with balls, spikes or various other designs in all different types of material. The low prices of our cheap barbells do not reflect the quality. We also carry many different types of barbells, like industrial barbells, staple barbells, spirals, and even barbells with slave rings

  • Navel Rings

    The navel ring, also called belly rings, has been one of the essential elements of the body jewelry industry since its inception. The genre has evolved tremendously over the years, with a variety of new styles and designs being released all the time. Hollywood Body Jewelry prides itself on its extensive collection of navel rings that are unmatched by anybody else on the Web. From stainless steel to gold, cheap navel rings and discount belly rings are available in any style you are looking for. Navel rings with gems, dangling navel jewelry, fancy or cute – we literally have over a thousand different styles with the best wholesale prices. You’ll never have to search anywhere else for the latest styles or for the best wholesale price.

  • Non-Piercing Navel Rings

    Introducing our I-Mod Jewelry! The I-Mod collection is comprised of our very exclusive designs. The originality and uniqueness of this line define this very eclectic collection of surprises. Express yourself without the pain.

  • Curved Barbells & Eyebrow Rings

    A curved barbell, often called eyebrow rings, is theoretically identical to a straight barbell, except for the curved shaft. They are also known as bent/curved barbells. Eyebrow jewelry comes in a wide range of styles from regular steel balls, to spiked and gemmed balls. The standard size will be a 16 gauge, but some customers may require it in a larger 14 gauge. Eyebrow jewelry is also used in vertical navel piercings to position the decorative end of the jewelry more appropriately. They can either be internally or externally threaded.

  • Labret, Monroe, & Lippy Loops

    Labret/Monroe studs have a flat base plate from which a smooth stem protrudes, and on the other end is a removable ball, replaceable with a variety of jeweled balls, UV acrylic balls, spikes, and all kinds of other accessories. Monroe studs (aka Crawford or Madonna) are very popular amongst females, with the piercing placed off-center, above the upper lip to resemble a beauty spot (Marilyn Monroe, the namesake of this piercing, had a very memorable beauty mark in this area).

    They can be made of any piercing-suitable material including 316L Surgical Steel, Solid G5 Titanium, Titanium Anodized, 14k Gold, PTFE, and Bioflex. There are typically two different sizes, 16 gauge or 14 gauge, and vary in lengths from ¼” up to ½”. Labrets are also available in both internally and externally threaded styles. The removable ball is screwed into place once the thread has been placed through the piercing.

  • Nipple Rings

    Nipple rings and nipple piercings are one of the most popular for both men and women. This particular product comes in a single straight bar and 2 balls on either side. Many have dangling designs to accentuate the look of this piece. There are also Nipple Shields that come in a round design and are available in various colors, designs, shape, and materials like Stainless Steel or 14K gold. Nipple shields can be bought in pairs or as singular pieces, depending on what the wearer is looking for. The most common size for nipple piercings is 14 gauge, and the length can range from 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 7/8” depending on size and gender. Many people also opt to use other types of jewelry for these piercings, and CBR (captive bead rings), barbells, and circular barbells (horseshoes).

  • Horseshoes, Circular Barbells, & Twists

    Horseshoes, or circular barbells, is a barbell that is bent in the shape of a U, which is why they were dubbed “horseshoes.” The shape of this product allows for low pressure on piercings and is easy to clean. It is bent into an incomplete circle, with 2 screwed on balls on each end. This particular item is considered a universal piece of jewelry, because it can be used on any piercing and any part of the body you desire. They are made in many materials like Stainless Steel, Gold, Gold Plated, Titanium Anodized, Acrylic, and UV Teflon. It comes in solid balls, gemmed balls, spikes, anodized balls/spikes, glow in the dark balls, and several other thread ball types, and are available in internal and external threaded variety.

    Twists are another option that is just as popular as the horseshoe. They are bent for their design and comfort, yet are very easy to wear and clean. It is bent into the shape of a Z, with 2 screwed on beads at either end. They are available in the same types of materials as horseshoes, with an equally impressive variety of designs.

  • Plugs, Tunnels, & Tapers

    You can hardly go out these days without seeing at least a few people with plugs or tapers. The popularity of these pieces has skyrocketed over the years, and the variety and quality of the product has gone up according to the demand. The number of different styles are literally too many to list, but here are a few: single flared and double flared plugs, solid plugs, flexible plugs, screw fit tunnels, glow in the dark plugs, fake plugs, fake tapers, cheater plugs – all available in many different options, such as jewels, gems, designs, or logos. They are also made in many different materials like stainless steel, gold plated, titanium, and most notably, organic materials like bone, horn, and wood.

  • Captive Bead Rings & Hoops

    The captive bead ring (CBR), otherwise known as ball closure ring (BCR), captive hoop, or captive ball ring, is one of the most common examples of body jewelry. The “captive bead” or ball fits into a small opening in the circular portion of the ring. The bead is slightly larger than this opening and has small indentations or depressions that correspond to the rings endpoints, so that the bead will fit snugly against them and complete the circuit of the ring. A hole is often drilled through the bead to allow easier fitting. It uses the natural tensile or compressive strength of the metal (usually stainless steel or titanium) to hold the bead tightly in place.

    The ball or bead itself comes with a number of options, like colored titanium anodized, various acrylic designs, and with jewels, with gems, or even with fancy dangles. The circular portion is not without choices either, as there are many different styles like CBRs with spikes, or seamless segment rings that don’t even have a bead or ball, just a removable segment. The CBR is such a popular piece because it is convenient to wear and so versatile. Additionally, their closed shape and round edges do not easily snag on clothing, hair, or furniture, making them a popular choice for piercings that are still healing.

  • Nose Rings

    There are three basic choices for anyone looking for nose jewelry: nose studs (or nose bones), nose screws, and hoops. They were uniquely designed by the creators in order to provide options for convenience and comfort, so someone would be able to select the type of nose jewelry best suited to them based on facial shape and personal preference.

    Nose studs and nose bones come with a straight shaft and a slightly enlarged lower tip, so that the piece won’t easily slip through your piercing hole. Nose screws will look the same once it’s worn, but the shaft portion is curved like a fishhook, giving the wearer more stability once it is on. The u-shaped curve will rest against the inside of your nostril securely, guaranteeing that your piercing won’t go anywhere. Hoops are simple: round, unclosed circles with a larger base on one tip, and you simply slip the smaller end through the piercing until it stops on the base. They are very comfortable and are reminiscent of the old time nose rings from the late 80’s and early 90’s, before the boom in body piercing and modification.

    All the different types of nose jewelry come in the usual lineup of materials and designs. 316L stainless steel, titanium, Bioflex, gold, white gold, and silver are all available. They come with regular balls, spikes, gems, and all in a variety of colors. There are press-fit gem styles that allow for autoclaving the items, and elongated fishtail studs that allow the piercer to dictate how much of the shaft they need to bend, based on each individual client. We also have a number of PTFE and hypoallergenic retainers for the nose, for those people that need a temporary replacement for work or other places.

  • Retainers

    A piercing jewelry retainer is used to prevent the closure of a piercing in situations that require the body jewelry to be removed. Retainers are used as replacements for regular jewelry when necessary, as they are far less noticeable. This is especially important to those people that work in environments where visible piercings are not permissible. In addition, retainers are also used when someone needs to undergo a medical procedure such as an X-Ray or MRI, where it is required that all metal objects, like your jewelry, will have to be removed.

  • Body Jewelry Parts

    Hollywood Body Jewelry offers the widest range of loose jewelry parts and replacement balls, with the most diverse sizes and selections available. Body jewelry normally consists of tiny parts, so it is quite easy to misplace or lose them, but you don’t have to worry because you are able to buy only the replacement part at a fraction of the original cost. Replacement thread balls, thread balls with gems, logos, designs, spikes, even thread posts all made available in different materials like stainless steel, titanium anodized, glow in the dark, UV, and even gold and white gold. Most parts come conveniently packaged in packs of ten. You can even buy one piece of jewelry along with several replacement parts, making your piece versatile and unique with each replacement. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

  • Piercing Tools

    Hollywood Body Jewelry offers an array of tools at very affordable prices. All of our tools are made of surgical grade stainless steel, providing the safest, most effective and precise piercing experience for both the piercer and their client. Choose from an extensive line which includes ring opening and ring closing pliers, Foerster forceps and tweezers, Pennington forceps and tweezers, dermal punch, biopsy punch, gauge wheels, and dermal anchor tools like hemostat forceps and Kelly forceps. The quality of the tools will enhance your piercing session and provide your client with peace of mind. Outshine the competitors with the best tools in the industry without breaking the bank.

  • 316L Stainless Steel

    Unless otherwise specified, all the metal jewelry available at Hollywood Body Jewelry is 316L Stainless Steel, which is the highest grade of stainless steel and is otherwise referred to as implant grade steel. It is a steel alloy that is the most common body piercing material in the world, because of its biocompatibility and convenience of use. It can be polished to a shine, and many people love the material because of its prolonged luster. Also, keeping the steel polished to a shiny luster will result in a protective layer of chromium oxide to help keep your piercing fresh and healthy.

    Stainless steel by itself can be sterilized in an autoclave machine, but please remember to consider that certain jewelry types contain loose gems or other parts, which may result in the piece not being safe for an autoclave.

  • 14Kt. Gold Body Jewelry

    Being the most sought after precious metal throughout the history of mankind, gold does not require an in-depth explanation. It is a noble metal, meaning it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air, unlike other natural metals like iron or lead. Gold has been the standard for jewelry all over the world, and the body jewelry industry is no different.

    Gold piercing jewelry with a lower purity than 14k should not be used for piercings, and gold jewelry should never be used in piercings that are still healing. Body fluids that may seep from piercings that haven’t fully healed can discolor the base metals in the gold and cause them to tarnish. All the gold products at Hollywood Body Jewelry possess a genuine 14kt stamp in order to prove authenticity.

    Gold should not be autoclaved, as the process can cause discoloring and corrosion.

  • Gold Plated Body Jewelry

    Hollywood Body Jewelry has a vast range of gold plated products, ranging from fancy navels and nipple shields to classic barbells and even plugs. All the gold plated products are plated with 14kt gold, and the quality is excellent. If you want to carry something that looks like gold (meaning expensive) at a fraction of the cost, look no further than our line of gold plated body jewelry.

  • Titanium Body Jewelry

    Titanium is an extremely durable metal that is also used in aerospace technology and the medical field. Long before it was used to produce body jewelry, titanium has been used for surgical implants, with very few long-term allergies or other complications. It is precisely that reason why titanium has been such a popular material in the body jewelry industry.

    Hollywood Body Jewelry only uses commercially pure grades of titanium, like grade 5 and grade 23. Titanium jewelry is lightweight (about 60% of the weight of stainless steel at the same volume), highly corrosion resistant, and has minimal reactions to body fluids. It is not magnetic, and often they are anodized (a chemical process that is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metals) to create a variety of color options.

    Titanium can be sterilized in an autoclave, but please always be aware that gems or other parts of a product may prevent you from being able to autoclave a particular piece.

  • Acrylic Body Jewelry

    Acrylic body jewelry, commonly referred to simply as “plastic,” is an extremely versatile material which a variety of body jewelry is made of. Most people will be very familiar with this material, as many everyday products are made of plastic. They are lightweight, flexible, and have many beneficial traits like low cost and commonality. If you are looking for an easy alternative to heavy metal jewelry, acrylic may be the way to go.

    Acrylic body jewelry should not be autoclaved, as it can result in the product melting or being severely damaged.

  • Organic Body Jewelry

    Biological organic materials are quite common in the world of body piercing, and these types of materials have been used to make body jewelry by many cultures throughout history. Organic body jewelry is the craze all over the world, with natural, raw materials being used to make the newest and most innovative styles in earrings, navel rings, plugs and tapers. All of our organic jewelry is handmade and carved by skilled craftsmen. For the most beautiful organic body jewelry products, you won’t have to look further than Hollywood Body Jewelry.

    There are several different types of raw materials that are used to produce organic body jewelry, such as wood, horn, bone, and even precious stones like turquoise, jade, and tiger’s eye. These materials are well suited as body jewelry because they are durable and easily shaped. Many even say that organic materials seem to allow your body to “breathe.” Please remember that organic materials should not be autoclaved, as these kinds of products are unsuited to high temperatures and may become damaged.

  • Bio Flex & PTFE

    Bioflex and PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene, commonly called teflon) are both hypo-allergenic, flexible, safe alternatives for those that are looking for materials other than those traditionally used in body jewelry. Whether it is a pregnant individual looking for a flexible stop-gap, someone who is having trouble with regular body jewelry due to their sensitive allergies, or simply someone that needs a less visible retainer, bioflex and PTFE materials have it covered.

    Both bioflex and PTFE are biocompatible, making them extremely safe to wear. Some even say it is the best type of body jewelry for piercings that are still healing. They are lightweight, bendable, not magnetic, not visible with X-Rays, and very stable. They are widely recognized as being medically suitable for implants and piercings.

  • Non-Piercing Steel Jewelry

    Stainless steel has become one of the most popular materials for all types of jewelry. Its strength, durability, and high resistance to rust and tarnish provide a long-lasting product for the most reasonable prices. All the stainless steel products we carry are made with 316L surgical steel, the same grade that is used extensively in the medical field and is the highest quality of steel available. Whether you have sensitive body chemistry or are allergic to other metals like gold or silver, stainless steel jewelry can provide a healthy and stylish alternative that matches whatever look you are searching for.

  • Titanium (Non-Piercing)

    Solid titanium has long been used for a variety of purposes, like aerospace engineering and the production of surgical tools, but it has made an impact in the jewelry industry as well. It is a great metal to use for jewelry because it is strong and scratch resistant, and it has become one of the hottest materials in jewelry design, most notably for rings. The natural fortitude of titanium make these products virtually indestructible, but its natural beauty and light weight allow the jewelry to maintain a flair that is a stark contrast to its durability.

    The number of titanium ring designs available at Hollywood Body Jewelry will blow you away. Some of the designs come with brushed inlays, beveled edges, or with a jewelry embedded, like a clear CZ or cubic zirconia acting as a centerpiece on the ring.

  • Bulk Pack Jewelry

    Our bulk pack jewelry section features many of our most popular, best-selling products pre-packaged in large quantities, all available at a much lower price! All different types of the most commonly purchased navel rings, barbells, labrets, plugs, even stainless steel rings have been packaged together with other similar styles, or the same style in different colors. With the bulk packs, the per piece costs are often times even lower than our max piece prices!

  • Stainless Steel Jewelry & Titanium

    If you are looking for non-piercing jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, rings, chains, or pendants to carry alongside your other products, Hollywood Body Jewelry has an entire line that is just what you are looking for. The choice of styles ranges from biker rings to cross pendants, engravable dog tags to wedding bands, stud earrings to biomagnetic bracelets, and much, much more.

  • Earrings, Toe Rings, & Leather Goods

    Different designs of earrings, toe rings, and leather goods are also available at Hollywood Body Jewelry. Stud earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings all in various designs with CZ stones can help make your ears sparkle at a bargain price. Toe rings in 14kt gold and Sterling silver are sold at the lowest prices, and the selection of leather bracelets and chokers will have your inventory sold out in a flash.

  • Display & Packaging

    We carry a vast range of display units and several packaging options, like polybags and clamshells. Most of the displays we carry, including our exclusive VERSA displays, are custom made for jewelry. From counter top lock displays to simple L-stand and T-stand displays, you will find whatever model you need for your specific store. Hollywood Body Jewelry even has a “Design Your Own” option, where your personal designs can be used to make custom clamshells and polybags. For more information, please contact us.