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All Acrylic Tapers with 2 O-rings Up to 1 Inch.

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From 14ga up to 1".
All Acrylic Tapers with 2 O-rings Up to 1 Inch.
  • Item number: TAA
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Sold by: piece
  • Description: From 14ga up to 1".


CodeThicknessColor & LogoPriceQtyItem total
TAA-14B14GA (1.6mm)Blue
TAA-14C14GA (1.6mm)Clear
TAA-14K14GA (1.6mm)Black
TAA-14R14GA (1.6mm)Red
TAA-14WH14GA (1.6mm)White
TAA-12B12GA (2mm)Blue
TAA-12C12GA (2mm)Clear
TAA-12K12GA (2mm)Black
TAA-12R12GA (2mm)Red
TAA-12WH12GA (2mm)White
TAA-10B10GA (2.4mm)Blue
TAA-10C10GA (2.4mm)Clear
TAA-10K10GA (2.4mm)Black
TAA-10R10GA (2.4mm)Red
TAA-10WH10GA (2.4mm)White
TAA-8A8GA (3mm)Purple
TAA-8B8GA (3mm)Blue
TAA-8C8GA (3mm)Clear
TAA-8G8GA (3mm)Green
TAA-8K8GA (3mm)Black
TAA-8O8GA (3mm)Orange
TAA-8R8GA (3mm)Red
TAA-8WH8GA (3mm)White
TAA-6A6GA (4mm)Purple
TAA-6B6GA (4mm)Blue
TAA-6C6GA (4mm)Clear
TAA-6G6GA (4mm)Green
TAA-6K6GA (4mm)Black
TAA-6O6GA (4mm)Orange
TAA-6R6GA (4mm)Red
TAA-6WH6GA (4mm)White
TAA-4A4GA (5mm)Purple
TAA-4B4GA (5mm)Blue
TAA-4C4GA (5mm)Clear
TAA-4G4GA (5mm)Green
TAA-4K4GA (5mm)Black
TAA-4O4GA (5mm)Orange
TAA-4R4GA (5mm)Red
TAA-4WH4GA (5mm)White
TAA-2A2GA (6mm)Purple
TAA-2B2GA (6mm)Blue
TAA-2C2GA (6mm)Clear
TAA-2G2GA (6mm)Green
TAA-2K2GA (6mm)Black
TAA-2O2GA (6mm)Orange
TAA-2R2GA (6mm)Red
TAA-2WH2GA (6mm)White
TAA-07K1GA (7mm)Black
TAA-0A0GA (8mm)Purple
TAA-0B0GA (8mm)Blue
TAA-0C0GA (8mm)Clear
TAA-0G0GA (8mm)Green
TAA-0K0GA (8mm)Black
TAA-0O0GA (8mm)Orange
TAA-0R0GA (8mm)Red
TAA-0WH0GA (8mm)White
TAA-00A00GA (10mm)Purple
TAA-00B00GA (10mm)Blue
TAA-00C00GA (10mm)Clear
TAA-00G00GA (10mm)Green
TAA-00K00GA (10mm)Black
TAA-00O00GA (10mm)Orange
TAA-00R00GA (10mm)Red
TAA-00WH00GA (10mm)White
TAA-1/2C1/2" (12mm)Clear
TAA-1/2K1/2" (12mm)Black
TAA-1/2WH1/2" (12mm)White
TAA-9/16C9/16" (14mm)Clear
TAA-9/16K9/16" (14mm)Black
TAA-9/16WH9/16" (14mm)White
TAA-58C5/8" (16mm)Clear
TAA-58K5/8" (16mm)Black
TAA-58WH5/8" (16mm)White
TAA-3/4C3/4" (19mm)Clear
TAA-3/4K3/4" (19mm)Black
TAA-3/4WH3/4" (19mm)White
TAA-7/8C7/8" (22mm)Clear
TAA-7/8K7/8" (22mm)Black
TAA-7/8WH7/8" (22mm)White
TAA-1C1" (25mm)Clear
TAA-1K1" (25mm)Black
TAA-1WH1" (25mm)White
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